History of the Institute


Founded in 1951 upon the initiative of the dean Jean Carbonnier, the Institute has the purpose of teaching all criminal sciences and more specifically criminal law and criminology. It is a centre of resources and research in the fields of criminal prevention and treatment.


Created in 1992, the EPRED is a research team in criminal sciences composed of 11 lecturers and researchers (six professors and five senior lecturers), occasional associates (sociologists, criminologists, physicians, psychologists) and Ph.D. students. Its works are mainly about the legal field and cover all of national, international and compared criminal law and procedure.
The EPRED also is a host institution (E.A. 1228) for Ph.D. students. There are always about fifty thesis in progress, of which two to five are defended every year. Upstream, the team hosts the M. Litt. in criminal law and criminal sciences.


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