L’institut de sciences criminelles is a courses, resource and research centre specialised in the field of crime control.

The Institute delivers three degrees:
– Certificate in criminal science.
– M.Phil. in criminal law and justice.
– M.Phil. in criminology and victimology in collaboration with units of medicine and psychology.

L’institut de sciences criminelles hosts a research team, the EPRED (l’Équipe Poitevine de Recherche et d’Encadrement Doctoral en sciences criminelles. EA 1228) composed of 11 professors and lecturers, as well as about 40 Ph.D students.

Research fields:
– theory of criminal law and criminal procedure
– criminal procedure and economic analysis of law
– international and european criminal law
– traffic law
– criminal policy
– criminology

The Robert Vouin Library is a well-stocked resource centre dedicated to the study and research in criminal science.

The members of the Institute have local, national as well as international relationships with professionals and academics working in the field of criminal science.

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